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Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery

Here at Morgan Reed we provide a clear to understand, cost-effective range of debt recovery solutions which are appropriate for the circumstances of your specific debt and its value.

We do not offer an impersonal computer generated automated debt recovery service which persistent debtors frequently ignore in any case.  We recognise that debtors will often play the system to delay payments or even make the debt uneconomic to recover and we adjust the recovery strategy accordingly.

We will only suggest a course of action where the realistic value of the recovery justifies it.

We look at the debt itself and ask some searching questions.  Is it a real debt that can be quantified?  Is it for goods or services?  Was the order fulfilled or the work completed?  Do you have proper records for delivery of goods or time sheets if you have provided a service?  Can you prove that you ever gave the debtor an invoice?  Did your contract or invoice have clear terms of business which you can rely on?   Is it a debt that can be reasonably and successfully challenged by the debtor?  These and many other questions are discussed in detail with you before starting any action.

We take care to see what you have already done and avoid duplication of your effort and expense.  We will tell you whether you can claim interest on the debt or not.  And if you can, how much you can claim.  We tell you what expenses can be claimed back and what the chances are of recovering them.

Above all else, what you need to know is whether the amount of money recovered is worth the time and effort.  We provide the information and expertise to enable you to make a sensible unemotional business decision.

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Many debts can be avoided by making sure that your business has taken good legal advice from the start.  Whether you are a new business or just wish to make sure that you are running on a good legal foundation for the future, please visit our Commercial pages by clicking here.