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Property Management

Property Management

Morgan Reed provides a specialist property management service for companies and individuals who need the confidence and security that all of their property’s maintenance and legal requirements will be dealt with through one expert point of contact.

We also look after issues such as payment of obligatory taxes, insurances, leases, rental agreements, breaches of rental terms and so much more. When you use our service, you are certain that all aspects of your interest are being looked after by professionals.

An experienced solicitor will attend to any legal problems without unnecessary delay. If legal action needs to be taken, you know for certain that Morgan Reed will not waste time. Prompt action saves you money and makes sure that legal time limits are met for your benefit.

These are just some of the highlights from our comprehensive range of services:-

  •  Calculating and issuing regular rent demands on-time, collecting rents and chasing late payers and avoiding them becoming non-payers.
  •  Making sure that the obligations of all parties are met without creating unnecessary disputes.
  •  Attending to tenants queries and issues as they arise which creates an atmosphere of test.
  •  We will arrange to market your property through a reputable estate agent to achieve a fair rent.
  •  Dealing with rent reviews, new leases and reassignment of leases.
  •  We will discharge all your financial obligations in respect of the property.
  •  We will handle your Non-Resident Landlord’s certificate requirement and prepare a schedule of income and expenses for your property. We will appoint an accountant to prepare and file your accounts requirement with HMRC.

Whatever the requirement, you can be certain that your interests will be fully looked after by professional staff at all times whether you are UK based or an overseas investor.

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